Solar Energy Measurement Products & Services

Augustyn & Company has specialized in solar radiation measurement since 1983 on a wide range of projects and programs for developers, utilities, and governments world wide.

We are currently developing specialized irradiance measurement products including a system to automatically clean remotely located eolar measurement system sensors, and a measurement system to optimizr single axis tracking PV plant power output.

In recent years, we developed a light weight, easily transportable Field Reference Irradiance Measurement System for validation and calibration of existing solar and meteorological measurement stations.  NREL used it to help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's KACARE staff validate and commission their 70+ station national solar measurement network. Other clients including Chevron have used it to make certain their worldwide solar measurement systems are operating as expected. Also, the MET Group of Companies of Istanbul, Turkey, recently commissioned us to validate measurements from an operating solar measurement station near Karaman critical to financial closure activities of a large scale development in process.

Over the years, we have applied our experience to devise and deliver permanent, dependable and servicable solar measurement systems both to satisfy code and regulatory requirements, while providing accurate solar measurements for plant acceptance tests and longer term performance evaluation for plant O&M resource optimization. A case in point are five measurement systems built and installed at the Solana Solar Power Generating Station near Gila Bend, Arizona.

We have worked closely with Irradiance, Inc. of Lincoln, Massachusetts for many years, to help develop, refine, and market their innovative Rotating Shadow Band Radiometer System to deliver reliable, accurate and low cost measurement of direct beam as well as diffuse and horizontal broadband solar irradiance.  Hundreds of these systems are in use today by governments and prominent companies in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

We also provide solar radiation measurement system surveillance, data collection and reporting, calibration and maintenance services, as well as marketing and support of our Solar Data Quality Management Software (DQMS) originally developed for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for data collection and quality assessment in their solar measurement networks.