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Solar Organizations

The International Solar Cat Society (ISCS) was established by cats at the dawn of human civilization as the official conduit for solar catvangelism and technology transfer from cats to people. Cats knew even then that people would need a lot of help recognizing the value of solar energy even though it has been literally hitting them on the head every day.

Cats chose this name mostly because it sounds a lot like the human-devised International Solar Energy Society (ISES) ISES is the oldest organization in the world devoted to fostering the use of solar energy in all its forms for the benefit of humankind. It was formally established in 1954 following World War II by prominent scientists from around the world including the chief metallurgist of the Manhattan Project, Dr. Farrington Daniels. Human use and understanding of solar energy at that time was indeed primitive by today's standards, particularly when compared to the staggering amount of attention paid to nuclear energy. Yet that small group of forward thinking, dedicated scientists knew that direct use of the sun's energy was indeed humanity's best choice for a truely long term, and sustainable energy source.

ISES has many parts - one for nearly every nation on earth. The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is the U.S. branch, but there are many many other solar, renewable, green, and "sustainable" energy and environmental organizations in the U.S. and around the world that have popped up in recent decades. You can connect to them through the ISES or ASES web sites.

So all this just goes to show that ISCS has provided the solid foundation of solar energy knowledge and technical expertise upon which our future depends! Makes sense and sounds good too!